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Cultural Introduction of Pakistan

Pakistan is multi-cultural land and history of the land of Pakistan goes back to millenniums and millenniums. One can traces ancient history from Himalaya to Arabian Sea; on rocks of Northern Pakistan, on historic passage of Khyber Pass, in Swat, in Buddhist Taxila, in two mighty sites of Indus Valley Civilization (Harrapa & Moenjodaro), in lap Cholistan, in Mehargarh, in ancient but alive cites of Lahore & Multan,  and so on.
The land of the Pakistan is rich in culture; basically there are 6 major cultural regions in Pakistan:
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Gilgit-Baltistan or Northern Areas and

Further these regions are more divided on cultural basis. For example if we take Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, there is Pakhtun culture, Khowar culture, Kalasha culture etc. and same is with other major cultural regions. As Pakistan has variety in culture, the same case is with language. There is really great diversity on language pattern of Pakistan. The Ethnologe (encyclopedia of languages) listed 72 languages of Pakistan. Some of them have million of million speakers while some of them have very least speakers and those are endangered languages.

Need of this Portal

When I was studying in University of the Punjab, Lahore under Masters Program (Pakistan Studies 2002-2004), there was a course “Languages and Literature of Pakistan” and I was given an assignment on the Sindhi language. I visited a many libraries in my town to search data on the language and I searched on the internet. But unfortunately I could not find enough data. But, the process of the data search opened my eyes and mind towards culture and languages of Pakistan. I came to know about a many languages of Pakistan.
Then I decided that in future I would work on cultural history and cultural anthropology of Pakistan, I planned that I would establish a cultural forum of Pakistan. So far, I could not establish such forum due to lack of resources. Now, I decided at least I can collect cultural and lingual data (of Pakistan) and can upload to easy access for Pakistani culture lovers, students and scholars, in Pakistan and abroad.

Here, on this portal I will try to upload maximum lingual data in form of books, chapters, thesis, research papers and features.

Request: If you have such lingual data, please participate to make this portal rich.

Note: This is a non profit blog. We neither ask for amount nor pay any amount. We do not post commercial ad on the blog.

Blog Launch Date: 20-01-2012

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